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Vishwa Jyoti Higher Scecondary Boarding School affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board (H.S.E.B) is newly conceived and established by a group of highly experienced professionals in the field of educaton, deeply committed to impart need-based quality educaton to its students so as to achieve academic excellence in performance and also to produce compteent citizens to meet the challenge of the present day world.

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Academic Activities

Classes at Vishwa Jyoti Secondary school are run as follows :-

  • Play Nursery and Nursery Montessori Method
  • Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten Demonstrative and Practical Method
  • Classes I to Class VIII Theoretical classes with practical based Methodology and Digital Learning.
  • Classes IX to XII (School Leaving Certificate) Both in Management and Science Stream.

Teaching methodology:-

  • Innovative, exciting and student-centered teaching / learning methodology will be exercised to ensure optimum result of the students. We use state-of-art technology and other facilities to ensure effective teaching and learning process. We create an environment that can be conducive to form positive attitude towards work and emphasis will be given on job-related activities and internships to the Higher Secondary Level students. Under mentioned are the teaching methodologies applied by the institution.
  • Theoretical concept by the teachers in the class room
  • Practical and experimental in the laboratory.
  • Gain practical knowledge in literature environment, science & social sciences by means of extra curricular activities (out door activities ) .
  • Learning inspiration and motivation through assessments and evaluation process weekly, monthly and terminally.
  • Mass expressions and resolutions.
  • Tours and excursions.

Extra curricular activities

Extra curricular activities is conducted every week-end on Friday under the banner of 4 houses named as Sagarmatha House, Machapuchre House, Dhaulagiri House and Annapurna House.
Each house is divided into 5 clubs as Literature club, Cultural club, Sports & Athletes club, Fine art & Craft club and Social Club.
Each and every student has to be enrolled according to his / her interest and be associated in the club to perform the various activities. Thus expose and demonstrate their inner genius and capacity.


Neat, clean and tidy uniform for all the students during school hours, at internal and external Examinations and school functions, should be worn by all the students. Detailed specification of uniforms for boys and girls is as follows:-
  • White shirt with American khaki colored pants for the boys in summer days. White shirt with American khaki colored pants for the boys with sweater and blazer in the winter.
  • White shirt with American khaki colored shirt with aprons for the girls in the summer days. White shirt with American khaki colored pants for the girls with sweater and blazer in the winter.
  • White pants and striped T Shirts with school logo in 4 colors according to the school houses should be weared on Tuesday & Friday compulsorily.
  • White converse shoes on every Tuesday and Friday to both the boys and girls. And black leather shoes on other days.

In the play group class (Montessori system) or in nursery class according to the fitness and requirement of the child. School ties and belts are provided by the school.


  • Any healthy infant crossing the age of 3 years and above can be admitted, in the school before the new session (i.e. 2nd Baishakh and on wards) as a new comer.
  • Any student with any academic status reading in any government recommended schools could be admitted in the school upon the presentation of the transfer certificate, character certificate and Transcript of marks availed in that institution.
  • Any student willing to get admission in the school should pass the Entrance Quality Test to be conducted by the school before registration.

Admission Procedure

Applicants are required to apply for admission in the school one week prior to the Entrance Test Scheduled date and are required to appear in the Entrance Test Examination for eligibility. The test follows the international testing pattern and standard. The test is administered with questions on English, Nepali, Math, Science, Social and I.Q. as per the school rules. Students achieving marks above 50 % only shall be considered for admission

Document Necessary For Admission

The applicant should enclose unmentioned documents along with the application form.
  • Certificates amd Marks sheets ofr the previous classes
  • Transfer and Character certificate
  • Recent passport size photograph. (2) copies


Any new comer child / student at Vishwa Jyoti should get registered in the school after filling up the registration forms by the parents or Guardians which would be the identity of the child in relation with the school up to his / her school days. (After the scrutiny of the details and by the permission of the principal the child could be admitted in the school and obtain the registration numbers).

Assessment and Examination

In addition to Terminal Examinations and send-up test examination, regular class assignment, internal asssessment will be conducted to ensure the on-going progress of the students and prepare them for the Board Examination.


Scholarships are provided to the needy and meritorious, economically backward and under priviledged students up to 10 % of the student enrollment in the school. Scholarship Schemes are mentioned as follows:
  • - Vishwanath Memorial Trust Scholarship For economically backward students
  • - Aasha Memorial Scholarship For Dalit and Scheduled caste
  • - Vishwanath Memerial Scholarship For meritorious students
  • - Bibas Memorial Scholarship
  • - Handicapped and Disabled Scholarship
  • - Orphans.